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CR3300 Rapier Loom

Carbon Fiber Weaving Machine

  • Tsudakoma has developed a reliable “CR3300” carbon fiber weaving machine
    consisting of creel stands, a tension stand, a loom, and an off-loom take-up device.
  • Quality carbon fiber fabric with the smallest fluff generation can be woven.
  • Safety measures are taken for each electric section
    while considering its use in an environment with carbon dust.

Rapier head

Rapier head specially designed for Carbon Fiber. Guideless slay running system adopted. Tsudakoma’s original offset typesingle rapier. L-type rapier head: Up to 24K ex-wide yarn applicable.

Weft yarn feeder

Off-loom take-up device

Single axisSingle axis

Dual axisDual axis
Weft yarn feeder

Free tension system feeder for flat yarn
(Pool case with feed roll)


Loom specifications Rapier loom
Weft color selection 1 color
Nominal width 150 cm(Nominal width -55 cm), 190 / 210 cm (Nominal width -60 cm)
Shedding Positive cam up to 6 shafts, Positive dobby up to 16 shafts
Driving Main motor 3.7 kW, rush-start motor
Weft insertion Rapier system (Guideless), Positive cam drive on single side, Carbon made rapier band, Equipped with rapier cleaner
Beating Positive cam shedding motion, Multiple slay sword system
Let-off Electronic positive let-off with feed roll,
F type let-off mechanism with light weight tension roll (2pcs)
Accumulator (Option) Free tension system with pool case and feed roll for flat tape yarn
Electric selection Protective measures are taken
(Navi-board, control box, servomotors for ETU & ELO)
control box with wiring connectors
Tension stand Dancer roll system
Creel (Option) Rotary type spindles, Equipped with an individual brake/spindle
Off-loom take-up device
Center-drive system, Multi-step fabric winding tension control,
Single axis or Dual axis available, Max. diameter: 400mm


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