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Composite Machinery



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Tsudakoma’s composite machinery is supported by our “proven original technology” :Based on our over 100 years of experience with textile-machine and machine-tool industries, and responds to the exacting quality demands from the aerospace industry.

To provide quality lay-up of the prepreg sheet with the auto lay-up machine, we achieved positioning accuracy and sheet tension control to a high level.

The prepreg slitter feeds and winds a delicate material with fewer loads and with a high degree of accuracy. The TPS Prepreg Slitter has a sheet route structure which other slitters do not have. It is also equipped with our original roll stress correction technology to greatly improve slitting accuracy. Ingenious design breaks the TPS Prepreg Slitter out of the normal paradigm.

The software provided with Tsudakoma’s composite machinery is also selfdeveloped. By developing the brains of our devices, our machines achieve a unique mechanism and convenience that others can not attain.


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