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Tsudakoma Prepreg Slitter

Slitting process for carbon prepreg

  • Exclusively designed for carbon prepreg sheet slitting
  • One-sided contact with a prepreg sheet from pull-out to wind-up.
    Only two guide rolls are required.
  • Best tension control based on Tsudakoma’s low-tension winding technology
  • Score cutters are employed for their easy maintenance and reduced waste generation

The score cutters employed have advantages in less generation of fluff and debris. Adjustment of cutting position to the bottom blades is no longer required and easy maintenance is attained.
Based on the low-tension winding technology developed for the textile machinery, tension is controlled by individual motors on each roll. It is possible to wind the prepreg sheet with the minimum tension. Unnecessary stress is not applied on it.
Only one-sided contact with a prepreg sheet from pull-out to wind-up. There are no reverse bends of the sheet. Foreign material on a prepreg sheet can be minimized.

Automatic setting for tension, wind-up length, cutter pressure, and running speed is possible. In addition, lot data and defects can be recorded for establishing reliable traceability.
The correction mechanism for the tension difference on the right and left sides of the master roll (PAT. P) is provided.
It prevents slack or meandering of slit sheets.


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