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TAL-MUD Multi-axial UD Auto Lay-up System

The solution to produce multi-axis UD & axial UD sheet roll

  • Angle tape cut function (edge angle : 90°~45°) is equipped to align side edge of the sheet. Material scrap by edge trim can be minimized.
  • Multi-axis UD sheet lay-up
    (e.g. 0°/45°/-45°/90° Quadrilayer Multi-axis UD sheet)
  • Single ply angle UD sheet lay-up (e.g. Single ply 45°UD sheet)
  • Base material feeding device & take-up device are equipped to roll up finished sheet. Continuous Multi-axis UD/Angle UD sheet roll can be produced.
  • Slitting function (option) can be equipped to divide sheet to multiple rolls at required width.


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