Tsudakoma Corp.

Matto Plant(Foundry)



Environmentally friendly production facilities

Tsudakoma aims at establishing a clean environment both inside and outside the plant. Sensitive to the local community, we reduce industrial waste and promote recycling.

Main equipment

High-frequency induction furnace 2t 1,500kw x 3 sets

Low-frequency induction furnace 5t 1,200kw x 2 sets

Low-frequency induction furnace 8t 1,500kw x 1 set

Molding equipment

Molding line Q'ty Size of flask Molding
Large static pressure molding machine
JPS line
1 1,300 x 1,400 x 200/290 200″
Mid-size static pressure molding machine
APS line
1 625 x 765 x 200/200 45″
Molding machine for small casting
FCMX line
2 508 x 406 x 200/200 18″
Furan sand molding machine
Self-hardening line
1 Max x 500kg 6′
Hand-molding type