Tsudakoma Corp.

Matto Plant(Foundry)



Stable quality supporting the operation of Jet Looms

Castings manufactured in our Matto Plant maintain a constant high level of quality.
Cast iron parts used for jet looms and the body of our NC rotary tables are produced in our Matto plant. Our jet looms have the world’s largest sales record. Tsudakoma’s NC rotary tables hold the top share in the domestic market due to their high accuracy and high rigidity.
High accuracy and stable quality are the basic aspects of Japanese way of manufacturing. Playing a role in it, our Matto Plant supports world manufacturing.


Sound casting construction, high-precision dimension, and well-formed casting surface

With our technology reinforced by rich history and experience, our casting products manufactured by modern and managed facilities achieve sound casting construction without gross porosity, high-precision dimension and well-formed casting surface. We are confident that these qualities improve the value of our customer's product.

CAD (Plan design)
CAD (Plan design)

Main products

  • Regular cast iron FC200
    Parts for textile machinery and industrial machinery

  • Luxury cast iron FC300
    Parts for textile machinery and machine tool attachments; parts for industrial machinery

  • Ductile cast iron FCD450 EFCD600 EFCD700
    Parts for textile machinery and machine tool attachments;parts for industrial machinery