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Tradition and technology creates a new legend. The“ZW8100 water jet loom”for the next generation!

Tsudakoma’s water jet loom “ZW series” has a sales record of 120,000 sets and has enjoyed an excellent reputation as the global standard water jet loom. The new model “ZW8100” is developed for the next generation by applying Tsudakoma’s long-cultivated knowhow about water-jet weaving. While focusing on higher speed, best quality, wider versatility and higher operability as well as eff ective environmental measures, it is re-designed completely from its frames to the mechanism.

  • Higher productivity
    We believe that speed is a fundamental mission of jet looms. The “ZW8100” demonstrates 10 % or more increased speed compared with existing models because of its new robust frame structure, stable filling insertion ability, and the optimized shedding & beating mechanism.

  • Best quality
    The robust frame structure, reinforcement of the let-off motion, and shortening the cloth route at loom front allow higher pick density. High speed keeping the best fabric quality is attained at high levels. Furthermore, the PSS?W Programmable Start is developed to efficiently prevent stop marks.

  • Higher operability
    The “ZW8100” is designed for easy operation. Its warp line height is low enough for easy access. The Naviboard provides simple operations for almost all settings. Furthermore, it automatically conducts pick finding after recovering from a loom stoppage and re-starts, performing outstanding operability.

  • Wider versatility
    A new nozzle allows stable filling insertion. A short cloth route at loom front allows higher density fabric to be woven steadily. Therefore, a wider range of fabrics can be woven: from fine to thick yarns, from narrow to wide widths, and also, with unbalanced construction.

  • Environmental measures
    Tsudakoma always positively works on environmental issues. The “ZW8100” reduces about 5% of electric power consumption compared with the existing model thanks to redesigning the mechanism for fi lling insertion, shedding, and beating. In addition, its robust frame structure and the optimized beating mechanism reduce fl oor vibration by 25% compared with the existing model.

  • FDP-AIII Free Drum Pooling device

    Because an advancing mechanism that is excellent at high-speed and positively separates yarns is provided, even a thick yarn is easily stored and released. Various types of fi lling yarns are available.

  • New nozzle

    The pitch between the nozzles is shortened. This decreases the diff erence between the fi lling inserting conditions of the two nozzles while fi lling insertion periods are the same. Consistent fi lling insertion under high-speed operation is attained. The optional airflow guide controls disturbance in airflow caused by reed movement for stable filling insertion at high speed.

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