Technological development moves forward together with the environment.
To realize a sustainable society, TSUDAKOMA pursues all we can.
Now, TSUDAKOMA moves with the times.

Firm pursuit of energy savings and reduced environmental impacts.
New ideal loom frame structure.
Ultra-high speed performance leading to the new stage.
And of course, thorough support for high quality weaving.

To the new era attained by the ZAX001neo Air Jet Loom.


Neo Weave Technology

[Outstanding Energy-Saving Technology] 20% Reduction in Air Consumption *Compared with the ZAX9200i
  • Neo Valve system
  • Integrated auxiliary main nozzle
  • AJC-S+ Auto Jet Control
  • FDP-A IV Electronic Free Drum Pooling system
[World-Leading Ultra-High Speed Performance] Maximum working rpm: 1,350rpm For 190-2C-Positive cam
  • Advanced beating system
  • Sophisticated advanced weft insertion items
  • Lightweight and well-balanced rocking shaft
Thorough Support for High Quality
  • Direct gear drive
  • FDP-A IV Electronic Free Drum Pooling system
  • Weave Navigation® System-II
  • TISS Tsudakoma Internet Support System
[Robust Frame Structure] 30% Reduction in Vibration *Compared with the ZAX9200i
  • Newly-designed frame structure

TAP Tsudakoma Advanced Platform

Existing looms have been repeatedly reinforced to respond to high speed operation. Now, TSUDAKOMA completely switched the method. We developed a new ideal loom frame. Highly recessed loom components, instead of flat or box-shaped, are the advanced platform. Both high robustness and lightweight moving components are achieved while ensuring reliable power transmission.

Neo Weft Insertion System

Nozzles, valves, and control technology, all of which are the basis of the air jet loom, are optimized. A masterpiece of user-friendliness with special consideration for easier setting operation and adjustment. In an effort to pursue energy savings and high speed performance, the fruits of weft insertion technology are produced.