Weaving - One of the most sustainable activities that people inherited through recorded history.
On its forefront stage, we never stop evolving.
And now what TSUDAKOMA can do.

What we can do with the power of water.
What we can do for water.

Water consumption reduction due to TSUDAKOMA’s advanced nozzle.
Significant reduction in grease entering into drainage.
Weaving support for regenerated yarns.

To the coexistence with the new society realized by the ZW8200 Water Jet Looms.

[Higher speed] 10% improvement in loom RPM* *Compared with the existing models

Water jet looms appeal to high productivity. Quick response to user’s demand promotes timely and proper-quantity production, reducing stock wastage.
Provided with an advanced nozzle, new FDP, and unique beating mechanism, the ZW8200 achieves a 10% higher speed.

[Water savings] 10% reduction in water consumption* *Compared with the existing models

Water is a limited and important natural resource. The ZW8200 reduces water consumption by 10% on average due to TSUDAKOMA’s advanced nozzle.

[Clean] 70% reduction in grease entry into drainage* *Compared with the existing models

Keeping clean water is an important mission for looms that use water to weave fabrics.
The ZW8200 successfully reduces grease entry into drainage by 70%.