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Products TAL-MUD Multi-axial UD Auto Lay-up System

The table of the TAL Auto Lay-up Machine is provided with the let-off and take-up functions. These new functions allow making a roll of continuous prepreg-sheet such as single ply UD sheet with original angle, or multi-ply UD sheet with multi-axial fiber orientations.

Please click the following machine picture for the details.

Product introduction video

An example of angle UD rolls usage in CFRP production

After having original angle UD rolls made by TAL-MUD machine, those rolls can be put on our TTL layup machine.

High productivity

Axial UD roll production can be done Off-line. No effect on the cycle time of On-line production. Laying up axial ply by one path with axial UD roll saves huge cycle time of layup process.

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