Foundry (Matto Plant)

Plant History

1909 The late Komajiro Tsuda starts manufacturing weaving machines.
1934 The casting plant is built (on the Headquarters grounds at Nomachi, Kanazawa City).
1956 Mechanizes casting equipment (pallet conveyor line, Zimmermann automatic molding machine line).
1971 Matto Plant (casting dedicated plant) is built.
(Low-frequency induction furnace and slinger line)
(Operation of an AVS line and Hunter line)
1988 Starts modernizing the plant with advanced casting equipment.
Starts operation of the medium-sized static pressure molding machine APS line.
1989 Starts operation of the large-sized static pressure molding machine JPS line.
1990 Starts operation of high-frequency induction furnace No. 1.
1991 Upgrades special high-voltage electric equipment (increases the plant’s electrical load capacity).
Starts operation of high-frequency induction furnace No. 2.
1992 Starts operation of high-frequency induction furnaces No. 3 and No. 4.
2005 Starts operation of machine No.1 of the FCMX horizontal parting flaskless molding machine line.
2007 Renews the hanger-type blasting machine and installs a shaking-type blasting machine.
2008 Starts operation of machine No.2 of the FCMX line.
2018 Installs automatic deburring machine.
Installs 3D scanner.

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