Foundry (Matto Plant)



Sound casting construction, high-precision dimension, and well-formed casting surface

With our technology reinforced by rich history and experience, our casting products manufactured by modern and managed facilities achieve sound casting construction without gross porosity, high-precision dimension and well-formed casting surface. We are confident that these qualities improve the value of our customer's product.

Regular cast iron FC200 Parts for textile machinery and industrial machinery
Luxury cast iron FC300 Parts for textile machinery and machine tool attachments; parts for industrial machinery
Ductile cast iron FCD450 EFCD600 EFCD700 Parts for textile machinery and machine tool attachments; parts for industrial machinery
Castings for textile machinery and preparation machinery
Castings for machine tool attachments
Castings for various industrial machinery


Eco-friendly facilities

TSUDAKOMA aims at establishing a clean environment both inside and outside the plant. Sensitive to the local community, we reduce industrial waste and promote recycling.

Melting equipment High-frequency induction furnace
2t   1,500kW x 3 sets

Low-frequency induction furnace
5t   1,200kW x 2 sets
8t   1,500kW x 1 sets
Molding equipment Large static pressure molding machine JPS line
Size of flask 1,300 x 1,400 x 200/290
Molding cycle 200"
    1 unit
Mid-size static pressure molding machine APS line
Size of flask 625 x 765 x 200 / 200
Molding cycle 45"
    1 unit
Molding machine for small casting FCMX line
Size of flask 508 x 406 x 200 / 200
Molding cycle 18"
    2 unit
Furan sand molding machine Self-hardening line
Size of flask Max x 500kg
Molding cycle 6"
    1 unit
Sand processing Sand mill MSK60P
Capacity 60t / H
    1 unit

Sand mill MSK45P
Capacity 45t / H
    1 unit
Shot blasting equipment Hanger-type blasting machine
1 unit
Table-type blasting machine
1 unit
Drum-type blasting machine
1 unit
Swing-type blasting machine
1 unit
Heat treatment equipment Gas annealing furnace
Capacity 6t/batch
    1 unit

Electric furnace
Capacity 1t/batch
    1 unit
Testing machines Amsler universal testing machine
1 unit
Metallurgical microscope
2 units
Brinell hardness tester
2 units
Carbon analyzer
1 unit
Optical emission spectrometer
1 unit
  Carbon silicon analyzer
2 units
  Ultrasonic flaw detector
1 unit
  Spheroidization rate detector
1 unit
Environmental equipment   Dust collector
38 units
  Central cleaning equipment
70 inlets installed
1 unit
Other items   Truck scale
Capacity 30 tons
    1 unit
Automated product warehouse
Capacity 828 racks
    3 units linked
Pattern storage rack
Capacity 830 racks
    1 unit
3D solidification analysis system
1 set

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