Machine Tool Attachments


BallDrive® NC Rotary Tables

TSUDAKOMA Original Next-Generation Drive Mechanism 'BallDrive®'

The perfect drive system 'BallDrive®' realizes the highest accuracy level and no-backlash.


NC Rotary Tables

Ideal gear system with excellent balance of smoothness, power and durability

TSUDAKOMA's specially designed double-lead worm gears with full-depth gear teeth
The setting of the lead amount on this gear system is different depending on the rotating direction of the worm wheel and worm spindle - change of gear module.


Machine Vises

Mechanical force-multiplier system with easy operation

The center rod moves by turning a handle. The pushing force is multiplied through small and large rollers, and is transmitted to the movable jaw to achieve stable and strong clamping torque.


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