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Parts Information Conversion Kits: WATER JET LOOM


  • Multi-colors
  • Shedding motion
  • Take-up
  • Measuring device
  • Catch cord
  • Electrical components
Multi-colors: From 1C, 2C mixing to 2C at-will, 3C

*The photo shows previous color.

Shedding motion: From crank shedding (plain) to electronic dobby

Fabric orders increase by mounting the electronic dobby motion!

  • Fabric construction can be easily changed in a simple operation with the electronic dobby (Pattern setting)
  • Combined with 2 color at-will motion, versatility is further increased.
  • Weft selection (weft insertion pattern) is controlled by the electronic dobby motion.

*The photo shows previous color.

Catch cord: Independent shedding motion for the catch cord (for six catch cords)

Efficient use of the heald frames with the independent shedding motion for the catch cord!

  • The independent shedding motion for the catch cord eliminates two heald frames for catch cord.
  • Because all the heald frames can be used for fabric construction, more complicated fabric styles can be woven.

*The photo shows previous color.

Electrical components: OPF Optical feeler

OPF optical feeler can more accurately detect the weft!

  • Even high twist weft that requires a great amount of water can be accurately detected. (High quality woven fabric)
  • Because the weft flying angle is enlarged, weft insertion is tender toward the weft. (High speed stable operation)
  • Simple construction (there is only optical fiber in the feeler head) makes maintenance easier. (Easy maintenance)
  • The feeler signal can be canceled within a permissive range keeping the fabric quality, and increasing loom efficiency.
*The photo shows previous color.


  • Weft insertion
  • Let-off
  • Take-up
Weft insertion: Twin pump

Twin pump produces high speed operation with yarns of different kinds & thicknesses!

  • The weaving range can be widened.
  • By applying the optimum weft insertion parts for weft yarns of different characteristics, such as fineness and strength, the optimum timing can be set.
  • The weaving range using yarns of different kinds & thickness is greatly widened.

Because each nozzle can be independently adjusted when using yarns of different kinds & thickness, loom rpm increases.

*The photo shows previous color.

Weft insertion: Yarn catcher for stretch yarn
  • When stretch yarns are used for weaving, the yarn catcher prevents the weft from escaping from the nozzle, and the loop stop ratio is reduced.
  • The stretch yarn shrinks a lot after being cut by the yarn supply cutter, and it is easy to escape from the nozzle.
  • The standard weft separator can not always hold it.
  • The yarn catcher for stretch yarn employs a spring system that makes the gripping force adjustable to prevent the stretch yarn from escaping from the nozzle. It does not have an adverse influence on the weft insertion.
Take-up: Bar temple
  • Bumping of woven cloth is reduced so that a stable cloth fell is made.
  • High quality air bags without needle defects can be woven.

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